Marshall JTM30 Mains transformer change  No Fix.. No Fee..

Workshop Facilities for Repairs

We can repair guitar amplifiers in our on site workshop at Birkenhead

Tube or transistor models catered for. If its economical we can fix it

Loudspeakers and diaphrams replaced. Crossovers repaired.

Free estimates given. Original manufacturer parts used where possible

Recently completed jobs.....

Vox AC30 1962. Vox AC50 Head. Roost Session Master. Fender Vibro Champ. Vox VT50. Marshall TSL601. Boss GT10. Peavey Deuce 212VT. Randle Warhead X2. Fender 75 Combo. Marshall MA50. Peavey Hisys 1RX. Marshall MG30DFX. McGregor SS500. Marshall DSL401. Marshall MG250DFX. Marshall AS50D. Selmar Treble and Bass 50. Mackie SRM450. Electrovoice T252. Laney RB4. SWR WM15. Gibson RD Artist. Marshall 8080. Trace Elliot Commando 100. Electrovoice ZX5. Hiwatt Higain 50. Laney R115. Marshall JCM900. Electrovoice EV S-122. Peavey Hisys 2XT. Vox VT15. Fender Twin Amp. Fender Champ DSP30. Trace Elliot GP12SMX. Peavey CS800S. HK Elias. JBL Eon 515. Boss RV3. Fender Stage 112SE. Line 6 Spider. Peavey Hisys1XT. Ashdown MAG300. Electrovoice SX300. Yamaha RBX374. Peavey SP2. Abstract Twister 4. Sunn SX6350. Peavey Pro15. Fender Hot Rod Deville. Laney LC15R. Simms Watts 100. Marshall Valvestate 20. Shure SM58. Line 6 HD500. Fender Pro Junior. Peavey KB60. Peavey Hisys2XT. Hiwatt 50 head. Peavey UL15. Fender Deluxe 112. Laney LX120. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Peavey Hisys 7. Zvex Fuzz Factory. Marshall TSL60. Line 6 Flextone. Laney RBG500. Boss PS2. Epiphone Lucille. Trace Elliot 4001. Peavey Valve King 212. Soldano Jet City 100. JBL JRX112M. Vox  AC30 CC2. Epiphone Sheraton. Sampson XPL200. Peavey TransTube 212EFX. Laney RB9 Head. Peavey Special 130. Ashdown Bass Magnifier EVO II. McGregor V8D-PA. Green Bullit harmonica mic. Warfdale SVP speaker. Fender Champ. Marshall JTM30. Peavey PRO12 speaker. Peavey Escort PA system. Peavey TNT160 combo. Marshall TSL122 combo. Antoria Jazzmaster guitar. Gemini GX400 speaker. Peavey Audition 110. McGregor V8P. Sound Lab G591E speaker. Behringer Dual FX. McGregor RS1000 slave. Marshall MG100DFX. Cobra 1100 PA. Electrovoice S122. Laney LX120 head. Peavey PRO15 speaker. Peavey Stereo Chorus. Laney RB4. TEC6950 slave amp. Boss ME50. Crafter Cruiser guitar. Ashdown Electric180. Vox AD120VT. Marshall JVM210C. Fender Squier Telecaster. Vox DA5. HH VPA300 slave. Ashdown EB180. Fender Blues Deville. Fender FM15G....

What can I repair of yours?

Call Denis at Birkenhead 0151 652 7454